In-home Tutoring

We come to you. In the busy lifestyle of both the parent and the student we can make it easy on you and provide quality in-home tutoring services.


Online Tutoring

For those who find it easier through the screen or students have moved away for college, our online tutoring sessions provide top-knotch learning through Facetime or Skype services.


Meeting Place

For those parents who may always be on the move with their child or find it easier to meet at the library, Tad's Tutoring is dedicated to provide the consumer with the utmost convenience both in and out the classroom.


Group Tutoring

Have a friend taking the same course? Does your child excel and succeed better when in a group environment? Take a look into group tutoring provided at a discounted individual rate.

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Professional Tutors

Our tutors are dedicated to find success with your child. We will work together with the student and the parent to ensure that happens.

Areas Serviced

Tad's Tutoring brings the ideal tutoring experience to every location we possibly can. We service Lewiston, Youngstown, Wheatfield, Niagara Falls, Sanborn, Grand Island, Wilson and many more. For more information contact us via email or by phone.

Background Checks

All of our tutors are checked thoroughly through background checks and are ensured to have the credentials needed to get your child to succeed.

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Courses Here are some of the many Courses Tad's Tutoring covers.


With everything ranging from Physics to Chemistry, Tad's Tutoring offers a range of help in all scientific curriculum.

SAT/ACT and Standardized Test Prep

Tad's Tutoring offers a variety of help and resources on all standardized prep exams ranging from SAT and ACT all the way to the GRE.

Summer Sessions

Whether you need more instruction throughout the summer or want to prepare your child for next year, Tad's Tutoring offers our services all year round.

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